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Architectural Netting: A New, Highly Versatile Building Material

The Webnet wire mesh system is proving to be a flexible, versatile and widely used material for construction and artistic projects.

The pre-constructed, lightweight structure of Jakob’s Webnet wire mesh has many great characteristics that makes it the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications – from green walls to balustrading and catch nets to animal enclosures.

MMA Architectural Systems Jakob

Why use Webnet Wire Mesh?
Webnet has a number of key advantages of over other, traditional building materials such as plastic, glass and perforated metal.

Faster Installation
Pre-made and lightweight, Webnet is quick and easy to install on-site. Even on large projects, installation is much faster, as there is no need for the sub-structures that other materials (such as perforated or panelled facades) require.

Cost Effective
Webnet can be a more cost effective alternative to traditional building material. Where Webnet does not require sub-structures, not only is the overall cost of materials reduced, but the installation process is also far quicker, reducing labour costs. Due to Webnet’s superior weather resistance and outstanding durability, maintenance and cleaning costs are also kept to a minimum.

Light in Appearance
Webnet is a highly transparent material, its open weave design allowing light and air to flow through the structure. The system’s fixings are also small and inconspicuous.

Flexible and Adaptable
Flexible and adaptable, the Webnet wire mesh system is a very malleable material, enabling it to be used to wrap around structures, formed into curves, or stretched in areas where required.

Webnet can be custom made to individual specifications in terms of aperture openings, wire sizes and loadings, making it very adaptable for a wide variety of projects.

Weather Resistant
Webnet wire mesh is made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, which means it is durable and weather resistant, even when installed in coastal areas. Due to its weather resistant qualities, Webnet requires little to no maintenance.

5 Ways Webnet Wire Mesh Can Be Used

Green Walls
Installing a green wall delivers a wide range of benefits , including cleaning the air and providing a natural habitat for flora and fauna. Webnet wire mesh provides an ideal structure for the creation of green walls, allowing a wide range of climbing plants to grow up (or down) it.


 St Dominic’s College, Harrow – Over 500m² of Webnet has been installed to create a free-standing green wall around a sports hall to provide insulation and shade.

Sleek balustrading can be created using Webnet, both for indoor and outdoor applications.


Olympic park – Over 5,000m² of Webnet balustrading was installed at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and London Stadium.

First Cliff Walk Grindelwald Bridge Safety Webnet

Fall Protection
Webnet can be used to provide safety in car parks and on bridges, in addition to elevated walkways and platforms. Whilst providing safety, Webnet also adds architectural detail to structures.


  Queensgate Car Park, Peterborough – Webnet installed onto four car parks to provide safety and a suicide deterrent.

  London Monument Viewing Platform – Webnet installed to provide safety to visitors of the Monument.

Animal Enclosures
Enclosures of all shapes and sizes can be created using Webnet wire mesh. Providing unlimited scope and able to achieve enclosures with even the most complex designs, Webnet creates strong, durable, and weather resistant animal enclosures.


 Chester Zoo – We supplied over 1,500m² of Webnet to create new animal enclosures.

Jakob Webnet Animal Enclosure Chester Zoo

The design of recreational areas can incorporate Webnet wire mesh. Providing safety and security, Webnet can be used to create fun playgrounds and serve as ball stop nets in sports facilities.

Need more information?
Webnet wire mesh is a hugely versatile and adaptable product that can be used in very efficient and cost-effective applications. To discuss using Webnet in your project, or to find out more information, feel free to contact us.

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