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Around the world with Webnet

Webnet is our versatile, high-strength stainless steel mesh system. Highly durable, with exceptional tensile strength, the system has been used in a wide range of projects around the world. To show its flexibility, we’ve chosen just a few of our favourite projects, one from each continent. If you are interested in finding out more, please check out our website, or call our experienced support team.



In Johannesburg, our locally based partners delivered this stunning ‘Solar Trees’ project, which features our innovative Webnet Deco product. Located on the roof terrace of a shopping centre, three solar trees were installed, the largest of which is an impressive 14 meters high and 14 meters wide. As well as creating a striking impression, cleverly integrated solar lighting in the trees also  illuminates the shopping plaza at night.




In the East of Japan, the impressive Hiroshima Orizuru Tower incorporates our Webnet system to provide a safe enclosure around the perimeter of its platform. The requirement was for an unobstructed view, from the floor of the platform to its roof, unhindered by railings or balustrades. 514 m² of Webnet has provided the perfect solution. Although in locations like this, Webnet is exposed to all the elements, it is exceptionally durable and requires no special maintenance.




On the Ely Bypass in Cambridgeshire, over 270m² of Webnet has been used to provide safety to all road users – vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists – with the balustrading set to keep people safe for years to come. A mixture of 136 curved and rectangular Webnet frames provides valuable security whilst also providing an elegant and modern aesthetic.



North America:

In the heart of New York City, Webnet has been used to protect a rooftop sports field. The transparent system allows unobstructed views, together with safety and longevity. Webnet provides protection  against falling, as well as being a ‘ball catcher’ net on the roof of the school, remaining silent when a ball hits it (unlike wire-mesh fencing).




At the Northern Beaches Hospital in Sydney, Webnet ID has been used to provide a unique aesthetic finish. The whole system provides a light, transparent barrier that allows air to flow through and natural light to enter, while creating a strong visual connection between each building level. For this project, 60mm Webnet mesh, with 1.5mm rope diameter, was mounted on tubular steel frames.



South America:

Installed to secure animal enclosures worldwide, Webnet features here in the Temaikèn Zoo Aviary, in Buenos Aries. Providing a near-natural home for animals, the 7,500 m2 Webnet system, doesn’t create the impression of a cage, but provides a transparent perimeter to keep both the birds (from Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania) and the aviary’s visitors safe and secure.


We hope you enjoyed the whistlestop tour, via just some of the many Webnet applications that have been installed worldwide.

If you would like more details of any of these projects, to learn more about the Webnet product range, or to discuss how we could help with your next project, please contact us.

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