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Fall Protection for Building and Bridge Infrastructure

Building regulations in the UK stipulate that structures such as car parks, balconies, stairways, bridges and elevated walkways must have safety systems in place to prevent accidental falls and injuries. Jakob’s range of high quality, high performance stainless steel products provides solutions to meet design and safety compliance standards, providing visually appealing fall protection for building and bridge infrastructure.

Car Parks
When providing protection in a car park, Webnet wire mesh can be a lower cost alternative to enclosing the entire structure. The system’s open structure allows natural ventilation through – and natural light into the structure, whilst allowing fumes from cars to be released. Webnet protection also deters anti-social behaviour. As well as these performance benefits, a Webnet façade can also provide a green wall for one (or more) of a car park’s elevations, and even a framework for artistic displays.

Jakob Webnet Fall Protection in Car Park

The car park at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool is a great example of the system in use, with Webnet being used to enclose the gaps on the sides and on the top floor of the car park.

Providing fall protection on bridges has often led to the view from the structure being compromised. However, used in an optimal rope diameter and aperture size, Webnet can create a non-climbable safety barrier on bridges without blocking the views or detracting from the architectural design or aesthetic of the bridge. In addition, Webnet can be used to create subtle catch nets underneath the structure of bridges. 

Bridge Fall Prevention System Jakob

For example, Webnet has been installed on the 1,450 metre high Ganter Bridge in Switzerland; providing safety, without impacting on the beautiful views.

To meet building regulations and prevent falls, balconies must be protected with balustrading that is not climbable. Webnet wire mesh provides the ideal balustrading infill, its filigree-like appearance meeting building safety regulations, whilst also adding architectural value. When being used for balcony balustrading, the system can be customised using our Webnet ID product, allowing for screens, logos, signs, and art to be easily and effectively created.

Jakob Webnet Balustrade

The unobtrusive appearance of Webnet wire mesh makes it a great product for providing safety on staircases. Available in made to measure sizing, Webnet can be retrofitted onto pre-existing staircase balustrades, or installed in frames with posts and handrails to create a new and complete system. Webnet wire mesh can also be used to create safety curtains on staircases, providing free-standing safety that can create a striking design feature. Providing fall protection with a sleek and modern design, Webnet is a popular choice for staircase safety, both indoors and out.

Jakob Webnet Wire Mesh Stairwell

Elevated Walkways
Any walkway situated at height must provide protection against falls. Made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, Webnet is a flexible and versatile material that can be used to enclose such structures for safety purposes, securing elevated walkways both inside and outside, and requiring little to no maintenance.

The London Monument viewing platform is a great example of Webnet being used to secure an elevated walkway.

For more information about any of the applications of Webnet wire mesh, or to discuss an upcoming project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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