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Jakob Webnet for Sports Nets

Jakob Webnet is a hugely versatile and flexible material. Manufactured from high quality marine grade stainless steel, the Webnet wire mesh system has been used in projects worldwide, covering everything from balustrade infill and green walls to animal enclosures and fall protection systems. Here we focus on Webnet featuring in a number of sports net applications, including a major appearance at the London 2012 Olympics.

Uninterrupted views at The Wave in Bristol, England.

We supplied our Jakob Webnet system as balustrade infill around the 100m viewing pier and 1,000sqm clubhouse at The Wave, a spectacular inland surfing destination.

Delivering the perfect combination of strength, durability and weather resistance, the stainless steel sports net was the perfect solution for this application. The 1.5mm x 60MW (mesh width) system provides completely safe views from both the clubhouse and pier, enabling spectators to not only watch the surfers, but also to see at close quarters the incredible swell created from around 1,000 waves per hour. 


Providing protection for a rooftop playground

In many of the world’s major cities, space is increasingly at a premium. This is certainly true in the skyscraper packed city of New York, where many schools struggle to create space for outdoor sports activities.

However, at St. Luke’s, an installation of large Webnet panels has helped transform the school’s roof space into a permanent sports field – providing safety, security and transparency.

Acting as an effective and silent ‘ball catch net’ on the roof of the school, the Webnet allows a unique view over the city’s magnificent skyline.  


Webnet Sports Net Providing a safe environment at a stylish Golf Park

Webnet was specified for this modern golf park at Holzhäusern in Switzerland, the robust and reliable sports net system providing an unobtrusive security net on the stylish club house’s balconies and staircase.

Featuring sleeveless Webnet in a stainless steel balustrade frame, the system ensures the safety of golfers and visitors – and also that ricochets and mishits from the driving range don’t hit other players.  


Outstanding performance at London’s Olympic Park

Designed to manage and guide the flow of visitors at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Webnet balustrading plays a key role in the organisation of pedestrian traffic.

The Webnet wire mesh infill was manufactured using marine grade 316 stainless steel and underwent rigorous testing to ensure it would stand up to the huge Olympic crowds.

More than a decade on, the sports net system continues to provide a robust, weather resistant solution, and with very little maintenance required, will deliver outstanding performance for many years to come.

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