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Providing Safety at Height

When the general public are given access to spaces at height, such as pedestrian and vehicular bridges, multi-storey car parks, building rooftops and high-top walkways, it is crucial that the spaces are kept safe and secure. The Jakob range of stainless steel wire rope, Webnet wire mesh and fittings can be used in harmony to create complete safety systems for spaces at height.

The range of Jakob safety systems includes balustrading, vertical stop nets and horizontal catch nets. Each system is bespoke and can be tailored to suit the needs of individual projects. Jakob products are manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel, creating safety that is weather resistant and built to last. Jakob safety systems have been used in a wide range of projects across the UK, including to secure the top floors of multi-storey car parks in Alder Hey and Peterborough. Using Webnet wire mesh to create a robust barrier to close the gaps in the car park structures, the system provides protection while still allowing car exhaust fumes to escape the structure.

Wire Mesh Fence for Car Park Safety Jakob Webnet Mesh

Bridges are a key part of transport infrastructure, and it is important that they are kept safe. Jakob products have been used to create fall protection on bridges both in the UK and across Europe. Proven to prevent falls or jumps off bridges, whilst still being discreet, Jakob products can be used to create vertical stop nets and horizontal catch nets. Bridges featuring Jakob safety systems include the pedestrian bridge alongside Ely Southern Bypass and Haggen Bridge in Switzerland.


With towns and cities becoming increasingly populous and built-up, open spaces are increasingly rare. Using Jakob safety systems, the rooftops of buildings can be secured, creating all important outdoor space. A great example of this is the rooftop of a New York City school. Making the most of the school’s outside space, the rooftop has been secured using Webnet, creating an additional space for children to learn in whilst getting the benefits of being outdoors.


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Jakob Rope Systems is supplied exclusively in the UK by MMA Architectural Systems, providing quality solutions for Green Walls, Car Park Safety, Animal Enclosures and Bridge Safety. We are also the sole UK agent for the proven Geggus Entrance Matting System.