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Webnet Wire Mesh Vs. Chain Link Mesh

Jakob’s Webnet wire mesh is the successor to chain link meshes, and so it’s understandable that there is often confusion when trying to differentiate between the two. However, Webnet’s wire rope meshes are different to chain link meshes in several key areas, offering some significant advantages.

The main difference lies in the construction of the two meshes. Jakob Webnet wire mesh is constructed using stainless steel wire ropes that are either woven into each other or are joined by sleeves. Because wire ropes are used, Webnet is a flexible material that can be shaped and sculpted to suit a wide range of applications, including for animal enclosures, car parks, bridge safety and for art installations. Chain link meshes however are constructed using standard steel wires that are bent and hooked together and because of this, the mesh is much more rigid, yet nowhere near as strong – and its use is pretty much limited to fencing.

With the two mesh types being created from different materials in very different ways, there are a few big distinctions between the two.

Jakob Webnet Wire Mesh Chain-Link-Mesh-Jordan-Wiseman 

Stability & Durability

Jakob Webnet wire mesh is extremely strong and durable. Created from weather resistant, marine grade 316 stainless steel and firmly joined, Webnet provides great stability and durability and is virtually maintenance free. Webnet can be used as a static element to carry loads which is a key characteristic, as it allows Webnet to be used in architectural and safety applications. The way Webnet is constructed means it is dimensionally stable, so the mesh can never be permanently deformed when withstanding loads.

Chain Link Mesh
As chain link meshes are constructed with loosely hooked bent steel wires, they offer no tensile resistance and so are unable to carry loads. If heavy loads were to be applied to chain link mesh, the wires would bend, and bulges would be created. Chain link mesh is made from galvanised steel wires and therefore is susceptible to corrosion if it is not successfully coated during manufacturing or is compromised in any way. Chain link mesh can look worn out typically after just a few years due to rusting and loss of shape where the mesh is not stainless steel or very structurally sound.


Next to stability, flexibility is Webnet’s best feature. The wire ropes used to create Webnet are very pliable, resulting in the creation of a mesh that can take on almost any shape. The stability and stiffness of the mesh can be adjusted by tensioning the net, making it adaptable for each application’s requirements. Jakob Webnet wire mesh can be used to create three dimensional structures of virtually any size and complexity.   

Chain Link Mesh
Due to the construction of chain link meshes, they are rigid and are therefore inflexible structures. Because of this lack of flexibility, chain link mesh is very limited in terms of the applications it can be used for. Chain link meshes are also unable to be influenced by tensioning.

Jakob Webnet Wire Mesh for Animal Enclosures


Webnet wire mesh is very customisable and can be tailored to suit each project’s needs. Available in a wide range of rope diameters and mesh apertures, and with almost no limits on height and length, Webnet can be customised to suit a host of applications. In addition, Webnet is available in a range of finishes and colours, allowing for it to either blend into its environment or stand out as a striking design feature.

Chain Link Mesh
Chain link mesh tends to come in just a few mesh sizes, without much room for customisation. Fabricated in standard lengths and heights, and available with a limited number of colour options, chain link meshes have few customisation options. Due to the lack of customisation available, chain link meshes often all look the same and tend not to be very visually pleasing.


The stainless steel wire ropes that are used to manufacture Webnet mesh are reliably robust and able to carry extreme loads. Where the wire ropes are connected, either by being woven together or using compressed sleeves, Webnet does not have any loose ends that could cause injury. When installed at the correct angle, Webnet is not climbable, offering a fantastic solution to providing safety on bridges and car parks.

Chain Link Mesh
Due to the construction of chain link mesh, it can often have loose ends which can result in injuries. Additionally, there is the risk of trapping fingers due to the intersections of the wires not being fixed in place.


A popular choice among architects due to its minimal and unobtrusive look, Webnet’s stainless steel net looks elegant and can appear almost transparent when designed with small rope diameters and wider mesh apertures. The addition of Jakob’s Webnet ID plates allows for beautiful designs, patterns and logos to be created in a vast range of colours, adding to Webnet’s already pleasing aesthetics.

Chain Link Mesh
The diameter of chain link meshes is usually 2mm, which is bigger than the smaller range of available diameters for Webnet wire mesh, thus making chain link fences more visible by comparison. Pairing this with its lack of customisation options, it can be hard to design chain link mesh to be aesthetically pleasing.

Jakob Webnet ID Safety System Jakob Webnet INVISS Frame with Blue RAL

The comparison between Jakob Webnet and chain link mesh in these key areas highlights the multitudes of strengths Webnet has to offer and shows how Webnet can be used in many more applications than chain link mesh. In applications where quality and safety are crucial, including for stop nets, balustrading, fall protection and animal enclosures, Webnet’s qualities make a world of difference. For applications such as simple fences, chain link mesh offers functionality and great value for money.

If you require any further information about Webnet wire mesh, or would like to discuss an upcoming project that requires Webnet, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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