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Greenguide Trellis Works with Swaged Loops Kit 1 (With 3 Vertical Wires)

Greenguide Trellis Works with Swaged Loops Kit 1 (With 3 Vertical Wires)

£232.20 Inc. VAT, £193.50 Ex. VAT

Steel trellis kit – greenguide trellis works with swaged loops and 3 vertical wires (kit 1). This kit is also available with 5 vertical wires. This kit has been designed with ease of installation in mind.

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Steel Trellis Kits Include:

 Greenguide trellis work with swaged loops (top frame) 30922-0600-03
   Includes: 3 x ropes (6×7 4mm 6000mm length) with swaged loops
   3 x compressed loop clamps 20804-0400
 Greenguide trellis work with tensioner fittings (bottom frame) 30922-0600-04
   Includes: 3 x self-fit external threads 30909-0400-30
   3 x greenguide turnbuckles with RH/LH internal threads 30875-0800-01
   3 x compressed loop clamps with external thread LH 30809-0400-01
 3 RH M8 hex nuts 30892-0800
 3 LH M8 hex nuts 30893-0800
 9 plant climber studs 30906-0400

Kits with optional spacer baskets also include:

 4 spacer baskets 30897-0075
 4 wall anchors with internal thread 30803-0800-02
 4 M8 dome nuts 30894-0800
 4 M8 RH hex nuts 30892-0800

The max length/height of the vertical ropes is 6000mm. The Fixing points will need to be 76mm from the top and bottom of the rope. This gives the total maximum vertical length of 6152mm from top spacer to bottom spacer. 

The width of this assembly from spacer to spacer is 750mm (please see picture for example).

This kit is designed for on-site assembly. The ropes will be 6000mm, measured from the centre of the eye to the end of the rope. 

Steel trellis kit Jakob

Jakob Steel Trellis Kit Bottom Frame Dimensions

Installation Guide (concrete & brickwork)

  1. Mark out the position of your fixing points and drill a 10mm diameter holes 64mm deep.
  2. Carefully tap the supplied wall anchor into your drilled holes.
  3. The spacer baskets will each come with a piece of M8 threaded bar which now needs to be screwed into the female thread of the wall anchors. At this point you can place the spacer baskets over the threads that protrude from the wall ready for the frame to be fitted.
  4. The frames will arrive with the top loops and ropes connected as standard.
  5. Attach the top frame to the threads protruding through the centre of the spacer basket using a hex nut and a dome nut on each corner to secure the frames in place.
  6. Once you have connected the top frame, fix the bottom in place using the same method as the top.
  7. Once the frames are in place you should be able to see exactly how long your ropes need to be and can begin to cut them down to the right size.
  8. You will be supplied with a self-fit external thread lt2 which will connect to the bottom end of the assembly by following the very simple instructions supplied with these parts.
  9. This external thread will screw into the turnbuckle which will then be screwed onto the compressed loop clamp (supplied attached to the bottom frame).
  10. Twist the turnbuckle to acquire the desired tension.
  11. Push the climbing studs on to the ropes at equal lengths to assist the growth of the climbing plants you choose.

Please note: All threads are M8 and all ropes are 4mm diameter. The user is ultimately responsible for the correct installation of our products. 

For information about our large scale residential and commercial green wall systems, please visit our dedicated green walls website.


Greenguide trellis work with swaged loops (top frame):

SKU DXF b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 ø d1 ø d2 Kg
30922-0600-03 DXF 750 max. 600 76 75 150 20 8.5 0.641


Greenguide Trellis Works with Swaged Loops Kit 1 (With 3 Vertical Wires) top frame measurements

Greenguide trellis work with tensioner fittings (bottom frame):

SKU DXF b1 b3 b4 b5 b6 ø d1 ø d2 range – range + Kg
30922-0600-04 DXF 750 76 75 150 200 20 8.5 24 0 1.000


Greenguide Trellis Works with Swaged Loops Kit 1 (With 3 Vertical Wires) bottom frame measurements

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