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Trellis Stand-off Kit 3m Width 2m to 3m Height

Trellis Stand-off Kit 3m Width 2m to 3m Height

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Stainless steel ‘trellis stand-off” wire trellis for gardens. The parts provided in this  kit are capable of covering a 3 metre wide by 2 to 3 metre high area depending on how you choose to space the stand-offs.

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The wire trellis for gardens kit is a modern, stylish & cost effective way to add a touch of architectural beauty & new life into your garden this summer! The trellis kit can mount to almost any surface, it’s easy to install and requires no maintenance.

Wire Trellis for Garden Kits Include:

32m of 6×7 4mm diameter stainless steel wire rope 10820-0400
30 x stainless steel trellis stand-offs with stainless steel fixing screws 30919-4044
10 no. lengths at 1.5 metres of 4mm diameter stainless steel horizontal rods 30922-0400-00
40 x Green Guide Cross Clamp 90° (UV Resistant) 30920-0400-02
22 x wire rope end caps 30804-0400
30 washers 30896-1000-30 

Wire trellis for garden kit 3m Width 2m to 3m Height by Jakob
















Installation Guide

1.  Mark out the locations for all trellis stand-offs as per your trellis design.
2.  Drill holes into the fixing surface to accommodate a 50mm nylon dowel plug (if attaching directly to timber, no dowel plug is required).
3.  Insert the nylon dowel plug into the fixing surface.
4.  Place the screw through the bottom of the trellis stand-off and screw the trellis stand-off onto the fixing surface. (A washer is included which can be used to cover any marks created near the drill point, add more strength to the base and create additional spacing from the fixing surface, however washers are not essential).
5.  Insert the solid stainless cylinder (this aids the grip to the rope) and then loosely screw in the tightening screw. At this stage, ensure all hole centres closest to the base (40mm) are in line vertically, and all hole centres furthest from the base (44mm) are in line horizontally (or vice versa).
6.  Starting with the horizontal rods, you can start threading the ropes and rods through the stand-off. These should remain in place without tensioning. We recommend not cutting any wires until all are in place and secured.
7.  Once all the horizontals are in place you can start inserting the vertical wires. Tighten the trellis stand-offs at the top of the ropes first and then the bottom, tighten them initially by hand.
8.  Once all the wires are in place you can then tension the system using a hex key to tighten the trellis stand-offs fully. For the vertical ropes, tighten the top set screw first, then pull the rope tight before tensioning the bottom set screw.
9.  For the horizontal rods, centre align the rods, so they sit square then tighten the stand-offs.
10.  When you have finished tightening all the stand-offs the cable ends can be cut to size. Then attach the plastic end caps to the bare cable ends on the outside edges.

The wire trellis for your garden should now be complete and ready to add plants. Please note our system is a trellis system and does not include climbing plants. If you would like some advice on where to find the correct plants for your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For information about our large scale residential and commercial green wall systems, please visit our dedicated green walls website.

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2m – 3m


AISI 316 Stainless Steel

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