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The Tower of London - Webnet Raven Enclosure & Balustrade Infill

Webnet wire mesh, ensuring both safety for the public and a comfortable enclosure for London’s Ravens at one of the most profound and prestigious heritage sites in the UK, the Tower of London Castle.

We supplied and installed 46 square metres of Webnet wire mesh, creating a spacious aviary for the newest residents of the raven enclosure whose presence is to ‘protect the Crown and the Tower’. According to superstition, if the ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it, so Webnet is playing a vital role in keeping them safe and secure!

Under the care of the Raven Master, the ravens are free to roam the Tower precincts and rest overnight in the Jakob Webnet wire mesh aviary.

Our director Nikki Errington helped design the bespoke netting and although not obvious from afar, the design incorporates two different types of mesh; the lower portion is 1mm in diameter by 20mm mesh width, helping to prevent rats and rodents getting into the enclosure. The top half has a mesh width of 40mm, minimising viewing obstruction and offering great transparency.

Interesting fact: Some of the ravens at the Tower were specially bred in Somerset (where MMA is based).

As part of the 2014 project, we also supplied Webnet wire mesh as balustrade infill along the south walkway’s elegant and historic bridge gates.

The Webnet compliments the grandeur of the castle, welcoming and protecting thousands of visitors a year – preventing accidental slip or trips across the drawbridge into the surrounding moat. The frames beautifully overlook both the famous Tower Bridge and Shard landmarks.


Our projects could scarcely be more diverse, with Webnet being a multipurpose system, not just for animal enclosures or balustrade infill, but also safety netting for carpark openings, greening structures for climbing plants, anti-suicide/anti-fall nets for bridges and even to protect ravens in one of Britain’s most iconic and historic buildings.

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