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Webnet ID Arlington Business Park

1320 & 1330, Arlington Business Park – Webnet ID

Perfect for interior and exterior projects, Webnet ID has been used to create a vibrant statement piece for the 1320 and 1330 Office Buildings in Arlington Business Park. 

Standing over 7 metres high, a palette of purple, blue and gold Webnet ID plates were chosen for the stunning design feature in the entrance / reception area of 1320.

The client was so pleased with this first application that they then intoduced an almost identical design to next door’s unit, 1330, which, used a palette of orange and blue RAL-coated Webnet ID plates.

The initial order for 1320 was completed by MMA Architectural System’s installers in December 2018. The second order for 1330 was completed the following January.

Webnet ID plates by Jakob Rope Systems deliver all the benefits of Webnet, with the additional advantage of being fully customisable, individual and versatile.

The plates are clipped on and arranged individually to createpatterns, logos, designs, and in this case numbers, adding a personal touch to the buildings. The options really are limitless.

Lit by LED lights, the vibrant Webent ID unit number is clearly visible 24/7, making it a great way to provide a striking first impression!

Jakob Webnet is a versatile, pliable, high strength mesh system, manufactured from High Grade 316 stainless steel wire rope. A specific advantage is that if the material is used outside for signage or advertising, it is less vulnerable to wind and other weather conditions than traditional billboards and signs.


  • Webnet
  • ID Plates
  • 6mm diameter rope to be used as supports for the Webnet
  • Stainless steel spacers and spacer baskets

For more details of Webnet, Webnet ID or any of our range of high-quality solutions, why not give our experienced support team a call. We’d be delighted to help.

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Jakob Rope Systems is supplied exclusively in the UK by MMA Architectural Systems, providing quality solutions for Green Walls, Car Park Safety, Animal Enclosures and Bridge Safety. We are also the sole UK agent for the proven Geggus Entrance Matting System.