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Don’t let tools contaminate your fasteners

From time to time we’re asked about the issue of the corrosion of stainless steel fasteners, with many people under the impression that they won’t ever rust.

Occasionally though they do and in our experience this is almost always down to the fact that the tools used to install the fasteners have poor quality tips and have transferred minute iron filings onto the screws. Once a bit of salt (and other contaminants from the environment) have done their bit, then rust (Iron Oxide) can form in the drive recesses of the screw head.

So, how can you avoid contamination from tools?

  • Make sure you use chrome vanadium steel drivers
  • Use hardened-chrome Allen keys
  • If you are using cutting wheels, they should be aluminium oxide, or labelled ‘carbon- free’, or ‘suitable for stainless steel’
  • Hammers should be good quality hardened-steel or hardened-chrome plated
  • Think about using a cover on the hammer end to protect the stainless steel fixings
  • Keep tools specifically for stainless steel
  • Don’t ever wash or rub down stainless materials with wire wool

If you have any queries, or need advice please contact our experienced technical support team – we’re happy to help.

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